The end time universal outreach is the Body of Christ coming together in the unity of the faith. When we come together in unity we have the increased power of the Holy Spirit as a whole body and not just a member. The main focus of a end time outreach is to call souls to hope of salvation and preparation of meeting the Lord Jesus. We pray that God will send forth leaders with the vision that is connected with the kingdom and not self agenda's,because as a leader it is not just about you and your crew, but enhancing the body as a whole. The word of God say that he gave the five fold ministry for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifiying of the body of Christ. We must come in the unity of the faith because faith is the foundation in which the worlds was created. The word of God say that all things was made by him:and without him was not anything made that was made, so that same word of faith that laid the foundation of creation is the word of that will join us together in unity and power. In the five fold ministry when we equip the people with the knowledge of who Jesus is then we can develop discipleship and have fellowship in the body of Christ. When we come together in unity and the knowledge of Chist we coome in the fulness of him. I would like to take this moment to bless God for all my brother' and sisters in the Lord who are in the hedges and highways compeling souls to the kingdom and working in Love and Unity.

AGAPE LOVE: Pastor Carl E.Williams

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AMEN! Those are righteous words and ones we need to live by as Christians! The world needs people with the knowledge to spread the word and invite them into fellowship with the Lord. The end times are near and salvation is at stake. May God Bless you!

Karen Wagner
Praise the Lord Pastor Carl!

You are so on target with understanding that our mission for the Lord is to glorify Him and to build up His Kingdom and not to promote our own agendas or to try to use others to build our own little empires. I am so happy to hear what God has placed in your heart concerning the unity of the Spirit.

Always remember, Jesus said, "Father, let them be one even as we are one." The Lord is pleased when His people have a mind and heart for the body of Christ.

God bless!

Apostle Gary
Thanks to this wonderful message I hope the outreach missions will also be held in kenya so that many us who cannt reach thre can attend.Be blessed and have a good time as continue preparing other messages ,
Let the power of God Deliver us .We are hopeful of your missions in africa
be blessed

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